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Meet the core team behind Animal Box

The team at Animal Box is made up of a group of passionate people, all working together to build healthy nutritious meals for children.


Christine Morrison

Christine Morrison


Christine is one of the directors and founders of Animal Box. With a strong background in design and marketing, Christine has pushed her love of fresh, healthy food into the market through the Animal Box concept, having a lot of fun along the way. For years Christine has struggled with Food allergies (gluten) and intolerance’s (dairy) - so for Christine healthy eating is a high priority. She understands the needs of kids who struggle with particular diets and the difficulties involved, having been one of these kids while growing up.

She is a strong believer that a healthy diet is the building block for Australian kids - allowing them to flourish at school, in activities, and attack every day with the positive enthusiasm that all children share.

“Food should be enjoyed, not denied or mistrusted. If I can help people share this view with their children, then I have succeeded with my business. That’s just one of the many great outcomes that I hope will come from Animal Box and it’s what drives me every day.” Christine comments of Animal Box.

On any given day you can find Christine in the office answering emails, in the kitchen packing fresh deliveries, or on the road making some of these deliveries to hungry children!

Steve Sue

Stephen Sue

Director and Chef

Steve Sue Website

Steve is a passionate cook who loves a fresh holistic approach to food.
He is an integral member of the Animal Box team - from his diversified cultural cooking knowledge to his love of experimenting with menus and fresh produce.
Steve is also one of the founding members of “Animal Box” who hopes to share his passion for food with younger generations.
David Penistone

David Penistone

Head Chef

David Penistone moved to Australia in 2007 after working as a Head Chef in Nottingham, England. He has worked in a range of restaurants across Sydney providing patrons with unique and new flavour experiences. Forever seeking new challenges David wishes to share his passion for food with the next generation.
He hopes to inspire a new wave of chefs by serving not only nutritionally filling food but also flavour sensations that will have them coming back for more.
With over ten years experience as a Head Chef he is lending his skills to the Animal Box kitchen, working with the team to deliver mouth watering meals to your kids.or on the road making some of these deliveries to hungry children! 

The Robot Klan

Design, Marketing and Website Development

The Robot Klan has created and buit the Animal Box brand into a strong, fun brand that is easily recognised. Working on all illustrations, logos, and branding materials The Robot Klan is responsible for all marketing elements of the Animal Box brand. For all marketing and advertising please refer to The Robot Klan.

Check out therobotklan.com.au to learn more about this design and marketing team.

Dané Chatani

Dané Chatani

Menu development and Nutrition

Dané Chatani has become involved with Animal Box through the creation of the delicious menus that Animal Box offers. Danè is a Cordon Bleu-trained chef who passionately believes well-cooked food – using fresh produce and prepared with love – is an essential ingredient for health and well-being. Much of her childhood was spent alongside working chefs in family-run hotels such as Thredbo’s Alpenhorn Lodge where, at the age of 16, “I was cooking crepes for skiers watching the torchlight descent”. In 2001, Danè founded Muriel’s Muesli which produced five scrumptious and organic breakfast cereals designed to improve intestinal health.

Seven years later, she founded The Nutritional Chef, and is currently completing a degree in nutritional medicine at Nature Care College, Sydney. “My clients are often dealing with challenging health conditions, but they don’t know what they should be eating or what to cook,” she says. “My role is to take the pain and confusion out of healthy eating by designing delicious personal meals that are specific to individual health needs and goals.”

Her philosophy is simple: healthy food should be enjoyable food. Like the French, Danè believes the key to healthy eating is portion control, fresh ingredients, the absence of additives or chemicals, but above all else – taste. Most of her clients are individuals with varying weight, diet or health issues, though she has also developed healthy menus for a leading fitness meal company. “Everything I do is evidence-based practice,” she says. “I really like collaborating with GPs as an allied health provider. GPs don’t have the time or the expertise to recommend what to cook, how to deal with food. I do.”