Get a Digital Canteen at Your School

What is Animal Box's digital canteen?

Our digital canteen is a canteen service that sells items online so they may be delivered direct to your school at lunchtime.

With our digital canteen there is no requirement for a physical shop, so it's ideal for schools without a current canteen facility or on-site service.

Through Animal Box, Principals can provide staff and students with a canteen service at nil cost or effort to the school.

We deliver your school's lunches in clearly labelled brown paper bags. There is no need for any additional heating or refrigeration services, and our delivery service is entirely free for the school!


Why have a digital canteen?

It's entirely free. Free set up and maintenance of the digital canteen website.

Provide a canteen service without the need for a shopfront, kitchen facility, volunteers or managing private contractors.

Offer foods that satisfy a diverse range of dietary needs.

Customise the days that the digital canteen service is available at your school.

Offer a menu with hot and cold delivered options.

No need to handle cash on site.

No need to store stock on site.

Immediately comply with NSW legislation governing the sale of food in State school canteens.


Where do I sign up?

Right here!

Fill in the contact form below and we will be in touch to get things started.

Your service can start within 48 hours of you contacting us or on a date of your choosing.

We even provide take-home flyers to tell parents, staff and students about the school's new digital canteen service and how they can order.


What if I just want my order delivered to my child's school rather than our home?

Great question! To do this we need permission from your school's administrators, so please fill out the contact form below so we can start a conversation with your child's school today.


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