Our Produce

Every chef knows that without quality ingredients the best recipes cannot succeed. Animal Box sources and uses only the freshest produce available from local growers and farmers. By focussing on supporting local produce suppliers we put money back into the community and reduce our carbon footprint.

Most importantly we use farm-fresh produce which means there are no added or hidden nasties in any of our meals, and our customers get the best quality and value for money. So often we see children's food labelled with ingredients we can’t even pronounce. At Animal Box we like to keep things simple, so we keep our lunches free from artificial colours, sweeteners and preservatives. Fresh food already tastes so good, so why add sugar, preservatives, artificial colours and sweetners?

We work to a “farm fresh” mantra, meaning our menu is seasonal and that we don’t use produce that have been sitting in storage for long periods of time.

At Animal Box, we love fresh fruit and vegetables; but we know how hard it can be to share this passion with fussy eaters. This is why our chefs have spent hours in the kitchen developing ways to hide all of the good stuff in meals that every child will enjoy.

Don’t believe us? Order a pack and try for yourself!

 Our Produce


What sets us apart: 

Recyclable Packaging

Reducing Reusing Recycling

We strive to use as much recyclable packaging as possible, because we love the environment too.

To ensure all deliveries of food are in the best possible condition when they arrive, we have had to be smart with our packaging.

We have minimised the packaging for our delivered product. We reuse the platters used in our catering orders as well as the esky bags used to protect your order during home and school deliveries. We utilise recyclable as well as BPA, BPS and EA-Free packaging where possible.

Our products are best stored in your fridge, however, they can also be frozen and enjoyed at a later date.

All items are sealed and clearly labelled to retain their freshness and ensure that there is no confusion about what is what. 

Our menu has been designed to only include meals that deliver well. So no soggy sandwiches here. 
Value For Money

Value for Money

Our meals are designed to be affordable and comparable to school canteens, but healthier!

The choice to use Animal Box is a wise one – there is very little difference cost-wise between using our service and making these meals at home!

Keep in mind though, it’s exclusively our job to make these nutritionally balanced lunches for your children, therefore we have the time and the resources to source a great range of fresh produce straight from the farm, create exciting healthy lunches and deliver them directly to your family to enjoy every day.

Local Farms

Local Farms

We are the lucky country! Our farmers provide us with the best ingredients for all of our meals.

By supporting our local farms and growers, in turn we are supplied with the freshest, heartiest products that come straight from the farm and are placed in your children’s lunches.

Every day your children will have the advantage of consuming produce that is of the highest quality, packed with the nutrients and vitamins that they require to stay focussed in class and give them the energy to play their hardest.