Frequently Asked Questions



How will I know that my credit card details will be kept secure?

When you order products through this website we use a secure server. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts the information you send when you place an order through this website. For further details you can view the Privacy Policy available on this site. If you are concerned, please get in contact with us through the “Contact” page.


Why won’t the system accept my address?

We try to keep our address listings up to date, however some streets are listed in various formats. We also have a limited delivery area to ensure we deliver to our customers the freshest possible food. If your address is not accepted you can call our support number on +612 8015 5019.


Do I have to register before I can make an order?

If you wish to complete an order with Animal Box you will need to register your details with us. You can either do this before or after you have selected your child’s meals. This way we have your details should we need to contact you regarding your purchase.


Why Animal Box?

Animal Box was started because we could see Australia’s trend to overeating, obesity, and the sad future that awaits our children if we do not do something positive to combat this direction. The exciting new concept of Animal Box was born: Fresh, healthy food delivered to your door; food that you know your children will benefit from, and food that is nutritionally balanced and your children will enjoy eating!


What should I order?

Choose the option that appeals to you or your child, and select the size that relates.


What if I ordered the wrong product?

If you ordered the incorrect product and it is within half an hour of submitting your order, please give us a call and we will see what we can do. Because all of our food is made fresh and made to your order, after this half hour there is every chance our Chef’s may have started to make your delicious, fresh meal.


Can I return a product I ordered after it has been delivered?

If you ordered the incorrect product, then no. However if something is wrong with your product, the food does not look fresh, or you believe you received the wrong delivery, please give us a call or send us an email. Please go to the ‘Contact page’ for details on how to reach us.


Can I order after the cut off time for a particular delivery day?

Unfortunately not. We have tight timelines to get your meals made and delivered as promised. To ensure you don't miss out, we encourage you to place your orders in advance; or contact us about arranging a standing order for regular delivery. We are always keen to set things up to be as convenient as possible for our customers.


How do you protect my children's food during delivery?

This is what your esky is for. We use well-designed and recyclable packaging combined with a protective esky to deliver your order to your door. You don't have to be home when we deliver, but we recommend getting your order inside as soon as possible. We believe in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle philosophy and leading by example, so please leave your old esky out so we can swap it over and reuse it next time you order. Together we can walk the talk and set an example for the next generation.  


What if I just want my order delivered to my child's school rather than our home?

Great question! To do this we need permission from your school's administrators, so please fill out the contact form below so we can start a conversation with your child's school today.